Have you felt that invisible line? The line you have been trying to reach but can never quite get there? The line where your business is finally making some profits and savings, and you no longer need to lie awake at night worrying. But every time you get close, something bad happens. There you are, being under again.

Tired of being under?

Unfortunately, being under-represented and excluded is often associated with being under-resourced, under-performing, under-achieving, and under-valued. We believe in your potential. We are here to offer support and to provide resources to help you and your business get over that invisible line.

Building Small Business Resilience (BSBR) Training Program is part of the Skills Innovation Challenge, an initiative by Future Skills Centre to aid those most affected by the COVID-19 crisis. The free 12-week training program is designed specifically to help you quickly upskill your digital marketing capabilities and build your business’s resilience, so that you can recover from the current economic crisis and be prepared for any future shock and disruption.

Join us and get over that invisible line!

BSBR Training Program

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About the Research

Running a small business is not for the faint-hearted. COVID-19 makes it even tougher for under-represented small business owners. The BSBR research aims to address these challenges and help your business be more resilient.

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Why Join BSBR

Participating in the BSBR research not only benefit you and your business, but other small businesses in Canada. Plus, you’ll receive a free training in digital marketing with a $500 paid marketing expense.

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How to Join

Joining the BSBR research is simple. You will be asked to complete an online survey, which should take about one hour to evaluate your business’s eligibility to participate in the training program

Meet The Researchers

Garrett Hall

Garrett Hall

Co-Principal Researcher
Professor, Digital Marketing
Pilon School of Business
Sheridan College

Sujinda Hwang-Leslie

Dr. Sujinda Hwang-Leslie

Co-Principal Researcher
Professor, Marketing
Pilon School of Business
Sheridan College

Bethany Osborne

Dr. Bethany Osborne

Educational Development Consultant
Centre of Teaching & Learning
Sheridan College

Research Updates

October 14, 2021

Free Digital Marketing Training Course for Small Business Owners

Applications are now open for the BSBR Digital Marketing Training Program for Small Business Owners with $500 to spend on digital activities.
July 12, 2021

Getting to Know: Zahra Qureshi

Zahra Qureshi is a Founder and Principal of Optinum Professional Corporation and Social Venture Circuit. She will join the BSBR Digital Training Program, Alpha Cohort in September.
June 24, 2021

BSBR Report: Stage 1 Program Design

The BSBR Program Design Report summarizes the findings on the needs and challenges of underrepresented small business owners to pivot and grow their businesses online.
April 23, 2021

Adapting to changing consumer behaviour: Small business perspective

The pandemic has changed the way we live. To succeed, small businesses will need to adapt their operations to cater for the changing consumer behaviour.
February 3, 2017

Lesson from Sharks: How small businesses can survive the COVID crisis

It is not survival of the smartest or the fittest, but the most adaptable. Can small businesses survive the COVID lockdown by being super-adaptable?
February 3, 2017

E-commerce: Opportunities for small businesses in a K-shaped recovery

How small businesses can take the leap to e-commerce to exploit consumer demand and spending power in the K-shaped recovery
August 23, 2021

Getting to Know: Sapna Aggarwal

Sapna Aggarwal is the owner of Learna Brampton Tutoring Centers and Learna Brampton Online. She will join the BSBR Digital Training Program, Alpha Cohort in September.

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